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I have enjoyed working on the TEKZONE brand from scratch at the BPG Kuwait office. I have gone above and beyond to create the most dynamic, fun, family entertainment brand in the middle east, with over 100 attractions based on virtual reality and augmented reality.



Our story begins with Zo. He is from the distant planet zeta, in the Andromeda galaxy. The planet is populated by the Zetans, highly advanced cybernetic androids. Their society is light years ahead of us in technology. Though Zo and his fellow Zetans are what we on earth call robots, they are not like the cold, metallic machines we know. They live to play, in every sense of the word. Though Zo and his friends don’t speak any of earth’s languages, they’re very social. They love to have fun and make new friends. Zo’s face is a dynamic display that can play millions of videos to communicate his ideas, emotions, and moods. Zo is on a mission to spread fun across the universe. So, he used one of zeta’s wormhole portals to travel back in time and space, from millions of years in the future, to reach his first destination, earth. He exited the wormhole in the perfect spot... Zo he loved TEKZONE so much, he invited his best friends from zeta to join him. Together, Zo and the Zetans are here to show us how to use the latest technology and our imagination to enjoy ourselves.

They want to welcome us to the future of fun.


The brand mark is born from the brand philosophy and reflects the playful promise of ‘the future of fun.’ This brand mark leads to an aspiring future of TEKZONE and provides enough flexibility to build on and extend in the future.


The logo is created as a wordmark, incorporating Zo’s play symbol at its heart. When viewed on digital media, the typography is filled with movement and animation, never staying still. On static printed media, vibrant colors and texture create a sense of constant motion.

Zo’s iconography represents Zo’s digital face as a dynamic display that can play millions of animations to express his ideas, emotions, and moods, used in the advertising and branded communications materials, as a secondary brand signal.



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All the architecture materials, patterns, and textures are derived from TEKZONE logo design and story to conveys a sense of fun, wonder, and futurism, with feature vibrant colors on dark backgrounds include motion effects to create the maximum visibility, feeling of movement, and dynamism for a distinctive and consistent appearance for

the TEKZONE brand.

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