We’re Stronger… With Every Step

The NBK walkathon was running out of steam after 22 years. Participation had plateaued, and NBK needed to persuade more people to join and complete the event. At the same time, i had to motivate Kuwait, among the top 10 most obese nations in the world, to be more active. The idea came from the core thought of how to affect people's behavior by providing them with a goal to achieve. I themed it “#100millionsteps”.

Digital Meets Social

The result of the 23rd walkathon: over 8000 participants with "over 100 million steps". The NBK walkathon recorded as one of the most important social responsibility initiatives on a local level in the past two decades.

Participants were given vests with a chip placed inside, which was connected to a fitness app to calculate the number of steps in real time. Through the app, participants were also able to share their NBK walkathon experience on their social networks.

Film advertisement created by

Production: Tell•A•Vision   |   Director: Mohammed Al Munaies
DOP: Abdulrazzag Al Surayyea   |   Assistant Directors: Othman Al Fulaij & Nosaiba Binnaji
Art Director: Salah Zamani   |   Graphics: Abdullah Al Sanousi
Sound Design: Saoud Almesfer   |   Production Manager: Mohamad Al Fadhli

The result of the 24th walkathon: over 9000 participants with "over 110 million steps".

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The #100millionsteps achieved a dazzling success, and it’s time to celebrate and be recognized on a global scale. In 2019, we aiming to tell the walkathon narrative to the whole world with a bigger and better story, and what could be bigger than a world record? NBK walkathon is the only non-charity walkathon counting the number of steps taken by participants through a digital platform. Since this data is collected and can be verified, we have called Guinness world record to join the end of 2019 walkathon to witness the "most steps taken at a non-charity walkathon."

I themed it: every step matters… to set a new world record