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KRCS collaborated with my client the National Bank of Kuwait to raise funds for the less fortunate children of Kuwait. The purpose was to raise money to put more children from backward homes into school.

The idea came from the core thought of how to affect peoples’ behavior by visually showing them a goal to reach. I themed it “educate for a brighter Kuwait". The activation operated at Kuwait’s most populated mall with a digital interface delivering instant gratification to every donation. I have created an activation, where people were challenged to light up a map of Kuwait with their contributions.

We placed a screen at the avenues mall, displaying a map in the shape of Kuwait made from hundreds of black dots, connected to the POS terminals. Every donation, the map filled up with blue dots showing progress towards the fundraising goal, ultimately revealing a child with a schoolbook at the heart of Kuwait.

To take the activation beyond the mall activation, we connected the screen at the avenues mall to a micro site customized for online donation.

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Educate for a Brighter Kuwait
Educate for a Brighter Kuwait

The result: over $1,000,000. The highest ever collected for this cause.