Buying a car can be a time-consuming headache. Having to book test drives, travel to dealerships, chat with salespeople, pack the kids, take the vehicle for a spin, review packages, select options. There has to be a better way? Online used car seller Mercedes Benz aims to make that easier by doing all of the above, with virtual reality.


We created the first and full customize interactive VR showroom that allows users to view the car models from their comfort, guide support, digital test drive of their favorite model and get up all information, compare cars side-by-side and hear the real sounds of the engines and many other helpful features.

Role: Creative Director


The Avenues Parking App

The Avenues is the most favored destination for the best shopping, dining and entertainment experience in Kuwait. This leads to heavy internal and external traffic for parking, which makes people uncomfortable as the wait can sometimes be around an hour, and sometimes people avoid going there; especially on the weekends because of extra heavy traffic.
So we decided to take the initiative to support our client by adding a new smart feature to their mobile application targeting the Avenues visitors. The app helps them save time through a live map of available parking to the nearest destination and pointing visitors to the best way to the entrance or exit so they can have more time to enjoy all that the mall offers.

Role: Creative Director/Senior UI/UX


The objectives of creating the Al Shabab app is to launch a unique program that entices the youth to spend using their Al Shabab account to achieve their unique goal by taking advantage of the already existing merchant discounts  NBKoffers them and repositioning NBK as a game changer in the banking  sector, and the bank that truly understands individual needs and stays by the core promise “the bank that knows you” setting a standard other banks been forced to mimic NBK is once again a pioneer.

Role: Creative Director/Senior UI/UX


That’s a UFO!!!

TEKZONE is a new digital-led, family entertainment concept in Kuwait which needs to be introduced through an integrated marketing campaign. The agency was tasked to establish brand awareness and create hype and generate buzz, through online and offline activation's.

We created a multi-social media contents that showcase UFO sightings in Kuwait. The UFO sighting videos have growth viral and last incident recorded in Kuwait gaining 830K views through one source!

In order to get additional traction and reach the maximum awareness; we conduct a special opening event for the media, influencers and VIP guests and let the invitees to experience a digital ”ribbon-cutting” ceremony where they get to wear a VR headsets that showcase the entire journey of ZO to Kuwait followed with the digital opening of the TEKZONE at which time we will reveal TEKZONE to the guests (which was covered). And also we created both audio and visual static disruptions that used across mediums like radio, cinema and outdoor LED screens and introduce ZO through the all social media channels interact with Kuwait influencers.

​Role: Creative Director/Art Director/Copywriter


Zain eeZee is the most advanced and innovative product in the telecommunecation market in kuwait, providing a superior quality and experience to thier customers and freedom to choose their package while staying in control over the price.

We come up with a clever strategy to promote the new packages in interesting and easy ways to attract the maximum number and all age groups to experiences the new packages.

We have developed an intelegent mobile application and simplifed the eeZee packages into a fully customized smart code icons, and launched an interactive outdoor visuals interacting with with the mobile application, allows the customers to recharge and mix the services they want in the most easiest way anywhere, anytime and stay up to date with any upcoming offers.


Role: Creative Director/Senior UI/UX


Al Jawhara Account from the National Bank of Kuwait is a non-interest bearing account that offers the chance of entering weekly, monthly and quarterly cash draws for prizes totaling USD 5 million annually. Al Jawhara con­tin­ues to be the most pop­u­lar prize-giving ac­count in Kuwait with more than 11,000 win­ners so far.
NBK tasked us to work on a new campaign to increase deposits in Al Jawhara accounts.
Therefore, we took the initiative to challenge the client brief and take advantage of customer loyalty to gain more value and generate more sales by adding a new page to the client’s Mobile Banking Application menu. This allows customers to manage their Al Jawhara accounts and enjoy the flexibility of:
- Unlimited deposits, withdrawals, transfers
- Watching the live draw
- Checking account balance
- Viewing history and balance of NBK Rewards Points
- Sharing points with other Al Jawhara users

Role: Creative Director


The Central Blood Bank of Kuwait and the National Bank of Kuwait wants to run a aducational campaign about blood donation.

The Challenge:
One of the barriers to donation is ignorance.
There is lack of awareness about the science of blood types, and many people do not know their own blood type or who they can donate to.

The Solution:
We placed an animated infographics in video displays in malls throughout Kuwait, show which blood types are compatible, and prompt them to donate. also the visitors was able to scan the animation on their phones, and view all and a nearest Blood Bank locations throughout the country.

The Results: 18% Increase in donations.

Role: Creative Director


The Central Blood Bank of Kuwait and the National Bank of Kuwait wants to run a blood donation activation.

People are often in the situation where they or family members require emergency blood transfusions. If their blood type is not available in the Blood Bank, they rely on messaging friends and others. But their networks are limited and only a small number of donors can be reached this way.

NBK has customers equal a 70% of Kuwait population, and this fact inspired us to assigned an emergency number from NBK Call Center. where callers can submit the required blood type, hospital and patient number. After the information versified by the Blood Bank. A text message is automatically sent to all NBK accounts holders, providing the details of the required donation and prompting them to donate at the Blood Bank.

The Results: 61 Lives has been saved and still on duty

​Role: Creative Director/Copywriter

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