I wear many hats, but one is my favorite, being a
Multidisciplinary Creative Director

I'm a multidisciplinary creative director involved in creative strategy, visual arts, technology, and digital media. My experience spans over the past 18+ years working for some of the world's biggest brands and world-leading advertising agencies from all corners of the world, fulfilling various roles, from art direction and design to production and development in Jordan and Kuwait. I'm currently living between Kuwait and the Philippines.

I like creating smart work across all media and specialize in finding ways to blend new technology with craftsmanship, humor, and heart. On the side, I'm a camera nerd who is currently trying to master both the chef's knife and the table saw. Fair to say, my favorite projects involve a great idea and many disciplines. Plus donuts.
Having experience in different fields and working as a hybrid has contributed directly to my career, allowing me to develop many interdisciplinary projects and bring to life a variety of successful integrated campaigns that generated million-dollars revenues, sent 5,000 kids from underprivileged backgrounds to school, helped to save more than 60 lives, changed a nation’s behavior, and honored with 27 awards.