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In the global creative realm, I've emerged as a central figure, steering an array of esteemed brands across diverse sectors. From banking to FMCG, automotive to fashion, and even government and health, I've led the charge for brands like NBK, FAB, Boubyan, Weyay Bank, Bank Dhofar, CBK, Nestle, Ooredoo, Starbucks, Porsche, Volkswagen, and AlShaya Group in Kuwait, Oman, and the UAE.

As a leader, I've harnessed my expertise as a seasoned strategist to spearhead innovative initiatives and forge strong partnerships. Each year, I craft strategic endeavors, pushing the boundaries of brand activation. My approach is fueled by cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and cloud systems, amplifying my creative capabilities and operational efficiency while fostering a culture of empathy.

But my vision transcends conventional success metrics. I aspire to cultivate an environment where profitability and empathy converge seamlessly—a space where every individual thrives and creativity knows no bounds.

BPG AI Award
Honored by Avi Bhojani, the BPG Group CEO.
The BPG AI Award recognizes exceptional achievements in Artificial Intelligence. Presented in Dubai to an individual noted for innovative AI applications in marketing and advertising, this award highlights the recipient's dedication to innovation and societal impact. Celebrated for transformative contributions, including significant social initiatives, the award epitomizes the fusion of technical expertise and creative vision in AI, inspiring excellence and lasting impact.
BPG Group Agent of Change
Honored by Avi Bhojani, the BPG Group CEO.
Avi is widely recognized as one of the most influential ex-pats in the GCC. He has been honored by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum for his contribution to the evolution of the Dubai Shopping Festival. Avi has also been recognized by leading media, such as Forbes Middle East and Arabian Business, both as an Entrepreneur of the Year and a Chief Executive of a Media company.
Avi has also assisted in conceptualizing and executing several strategic Dubai initiatives (Dubai Quality Award, Dubai Shopping Festival, etc.). He has served the Government of Dubai while assisting with developing Knowledge Economy hubs in Dubai (Internet, Media, and Ideas).
International Summit Creative Award (Best of Category)
The Summit Creative Award spotlights work created by small and midsize Marketing Firms around the globe. Recognized for its prestige worldwide, receiving an SCA has become a coveted honor.
Project: The Walkathon
Client: National Bank of Kuwait / Kuwait Red Crescent Society
Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Creative Sports Award (Shortlist)
The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Creative Sports Award honors individuals, teams, and organizations who have made significant sporting contributions in the United Arab Emirates and globally.
Project: NBK Walkathon
Client: National Bank of Kuwait
Summit Marketing Effectivenss Award (Best of Category)
The Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award spotlights the
excellence of advertising and marketing communication by midsize Marketing Firms around the globe.

Project: Educate for a brighter Kuwait
Client: National Bank of Kuwait/Kuwait Red Crescent Society
Advertising Creativity Award (Gold)
The Advertising Creativity Award is an International graphic design and advertising award that celebrates the best in print, packaging, Interactive, and broadcast for professionals.
Project: P2BK
Client: Proud to be Kuwaiti and Remal Events
Proud To Be Kuwaiti Event (Appreciation Certificate)
Proud to be Kuwait, also known as P2BK, is one of the largest business exhibitions in the Middle East. It was formed in 2008 by the Al-Wazzan family and the Kuwait government to recognize, encourage, and promote the businesses of the Kuwaiti youth.
Project: P2BK
Client: Proud to be Kuwaiti Event
Kuwait Arabic Advertising Award
Organized under the patronage of His Highness the Prime Minister of Kuwait, Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah, the Awards select the best advertising campaigns from across various categories, including press, outdoors, ambient, and TVCs in Kuwait.
Project: P2BK
Client: Proud to be Kuwaiti Event
Recommendation to Yaser Siksik
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